The Maggini Foundation’s Mission

Top-quality string instruments have experienced an enormous increase in value, in turn this has denied many young musicians the access to such instruments, which would enable and improve their artistic maturity and enhance the construction of their promising career.

With its pronounced cultural sense of responsibility, the Maggini Foundation works hard to not let the instruments become objects for merely display, but to continually put them at the musicians disposal. In this way, the instruments maintain and keep their actual purpose, an enabler to increase the beauty of music.

The mission of the Foundation is of a non-profit nature. It can only be achieved if string instruments of the highest quality are left by their owners at the disposal of the Foundation. These instruments can thereafter be rented out to promising artists. The Foundation continually endeavours to receive such instruments in order to continue this crucial process.

Do you own such a valuable instrument that would help an artist to fully exhaust his/her musical qualities? By renting out your instrument to a carefully chosen artist, you can give this musician an unique chance in pursuing his/her career. At the same time you can also profit from an increase in value of the instrument.