Some Rental Conditions

  • After making an appointment by e-mail or phone, you must travel to the Foundation in Langenthal (see arrival).
  • The rental fee for the first month must be paid in cash, in EURO or CHF, upon receiving the instrument. The monthly rental fees range between CHF 100.— and 1200.— (currently around EURO 87.— to 1041.—, January 2018), depending on the value of the instrument.
  • We will make a copy of your passport and residence permit.
  • Please bring us a recent bill addressed to you from a utility supplier (i.e. gas, electricity or water) or from the tax authorities (to confirm your address).
  • Please also bring along an empty case and your bow.
  • Inform us about your former and current projects. Bring us your CV, concert programs, newspaper-reviews, CDs and DVDs or a letter of recommendation from your professor, as well as other references.
  • During the instrument loan you have to carry the costs which result from the use of the instrument (strings, cleaning, elimination of noises etc.). Once a year or in any case before the restitution the instrument has to be checked and cleaned by a luthier who is chosen with our agreement.
  • You have to return the instrument personally in Langenthal.